Damage On The Mr2 Was a Little Worse Than We Thought...

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  • D F

    D F

    5 күн мурун

    Never knew that you could make a jet ski go faster, also how come there is a dude wearing a toupée? The younger dude in the red Hoody is he wearing a toupée 😳

  • Daniel


    6 күн мурун

    No guessing ..get a frame alignment.



    15 күн мурун

    Hey doods! I'm curious if you guys have seen Doug's (Motion Race Works) tech tip video. He discusses how front tire pressure can promote wheelies. After he mentioned it, I thought well duh, no chit man! I thought that should be obvious, yet front tire pressure never occurred to me either. Like he said, this isn't something that is talked about much.

  • Stephen B

    Stephen B

    18 күн мурун

    Saw an MR2 at Street Car Takeover yesterday. Parked next to my friends race car trailer. MR2 was not in the race, but sounded good.

  • Rinor Zmajlaj

    Rinor Zmajlaj

    21 күн мурун

    Still don't talk about a damn wheelie bar..... That's the easiest and cheapest way to go 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Mr.Overclock Gaming

    Mr.Overclock Gaming

    28 күн мурун

    Time to just do a tube front end full race car



    28 күн мурун

    Eh if an original Toyota strut bar has oval holes it means they expect this kind of variation between cars, so I wouldn't worry about it.

  • Braapy Vibes

    Braapy Vibes

    28 күн мурун

    i love how well off people always get free stuff. oh you busted your radiator you could easily replace, heres a free one.

  • Ramiro Rosales

    Ramiro Rosales

    29 күн мурун

    Suzo the sidekick

  • Turboobsessed


    Ай мурун

    Suzy the Sidechick

  • Bobby Jackson

    Bobby Jackson

    Ай мурун

    Name it side chick

  • Hot Rods & 4X4's

    Hot Rods & 4X4's

    Ай мурун

    You could take it to a body shop and have it put on a frame machine they will straighten it and make sure it’s safe



    Ай мурун

    Well then a few new pieces to stiffen up the chassis wherever it's got stress cracks



    Ай мурун

    Bro name it suki !!😎🚗💨💨💨😈!
    That's a damn good name for it need to do some work to it. It would be cool fast little toe rig. Make a whole new animal out of it!

  • Dont ask

    Dont ask

    Ай мурун


  • Ryan Gorges

    Ryan Gorges

    Ай мурун

    Suzy the sidechick😂😂

  • Brian Bromfield

    Brian Bromfield

    Ай мурун

    Have you had a look at the strut to hub bolts ?

  • Likea Boss

    Likea Boss

    Ай мурун

    By the way guys. Don't ask James for Wheelie advice. He's ruined two cars doing Wheelies.

  • Likea Boss

    Likea Boss

    Ай мурун

    I like Suki wasn't that the girl luda hooked up with on ff2?

  • DypLow


    Ай мурун

    have you thought about the bottom two bolts of the struts might have shifted? like most aftermarket coilovers have a little bit of play to add more camber if you wanted to. 🧐

  • eel1331


    Ай мурун

    Stock chassy, height sensor. C'mon, if that other guy can do it so can you

  • Derek g

    Derek g

    Ай мурун

    Suki for sure

  • Gordon Tucker

    Gordon Tucker

    Ай мурун

    +1 for Suzy

  • Garrett Calvert

    Garrett Calvert

    Ай мурун

    Check the bolts where the coil overs mount to the spindles, some of the wholes can be worn out causing your negative camber

  • JW Jr

    JW Jr

    Ай мурун

    Maybe a trip to vtuned in Chattanooga for his frame machine.
    And that height sensor is alot cheaper than what you've been fixing from wheelies gone wrong

  • Napo leano

    Napo leano

    Ай мурун

    Maybe you should invest in some wheelie bars? Somehow mounted that you can take them off for normal street driving?

  • Dustin DePriest

    Dustin DePriest

    Ай мурун

    Wanna add weight up front. Drop in the ol IRON fuel cell. Lol. Fr tho

  • Dustin DePriest

    Dustin DePriest

    Ай мурун


  • 2nd Gen Mafia Z28_504

    2nd Gen Mafia Z28_504

    Ай мурун

    It's a mustang!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Stoped right in my tracks and smashed the like button!!! Y'all do the same!!!

  • John Galuska

    John Galuska

    Ай мурун

    I fucking love the Florida content..the youtube family’s down there are just so cool hanging out with cleeter and stuff..love it

  • dak r34

    dak r34

    Ай мурун

    Hurry and upload already wtf!!!

  • Adam Rives

    Adam Rives

    Ай мурун

    So are you gonna alh swap the sidekick or what?

  • Chiefinboii CoD Mobile

    Chiefinboii CoD Mobile

    Ай мурун

    susi the side chick 😂😂🤌🏼🤌🏼

  • Jacob Fleischer

    Jacob Fleischer

    Ай мурун

    Has anyone ever named one Suzie Sidechick? If not, it needs to happen.

  • Ajs garage

    Ajs garage

    Ай мурун

    Guess we gotta wait a week for a new video

  • rich mcc wrx

    rich mcc wrx

    Ай мурун

    Adding Wyatt to the team has truly been a great asset keep it up you guys

  • Guy Morgan

    Guy Morgan

    Ай мурун

    Damn sick wheelstand though

  • Edge Motorsports RVA

    Edge Motorsports RVA

    Ай мурун

    frame shop simple fix

  • Nte 35050

    Nte 35050

    Ай мурун

    Safe to say Kyle's famous

  • Mike Jackson

    Mike Jackson

    Ай мурун

    Wyatt is really a smart young man who knows what he talking about

  • Danny Coultas

    Danny Coultas

    Ай мурун

    You would get positive camber from a bent lower arm, want to check the inner lower arm bush and bolt hole, chassis leg etc if it’s pushing that hard to bend shock tower in over it’s pulling with some force on those mounts, bushes, frame etc etc, unless u get this right id think bye bye to the record she needs to fly true like a arrow

  • pFbSpecV


    Ай мурун

    Mr2 took a beating for sure!!

  • Whitts adventures

    Whitts adventures

    Ай мурун

    Suki the size chick

  • prospector mike

    prospector mike

    Ай мурун

    Check the caster angle! That affects both toe in\out and chamber neg\pos The more positive caster you have the more it increases toe out and negative chamber... I believe the bolt on the front with some of the track by it is your caster.... If that front subframe moved back AT ALL the caster will be WAY positive.. just a suggestion.. plus it could literally be a BENT all joint! Yes I said bent ball joint! Ever jumped a 1989 Silverado 1500 4x4¿?¿? I have I promise it is possible to bend a ball joint..

  • Dillon Marsee

    Dillon Marsee

    Ай мурун

    Definitely suki lol

  • Chevrasaki


    Ай мурун

    Suzy or Sammi

  • Rebecca Royal

    Rebecca Royal

    Ай мурун

    How fare you from key largo

  • Michael Gardner

    Michael Gardner

    Ай мурун

    Time for a slipper clutch and a height sensor.

  • Utoob Surfing

    Utoob Surfing

    Ай мурун

    Use the red MR2

  • budget boost

    budget boost

    Ай мурун

    How much to send my car to Wyatt for some TLC?!?!? would be some good content also. fully built eclipse gsx. Email or private message???

  • Rune Andre Bergtun

    Rune Andre Bergtun

    Ай мурун

    Guys, what about tubechassi in front? And bumpstops ?

  • RICO__ Sauce__

    RICO__ Sauce__

    Ай мурун

    Im starting to think kyle might be part puerto rican from hondas to sidekicks to jet skis you migh as well just speak spanish

  • Jasmine & Father Garage

    Jasmine & Father Garage

    Ай мурун

    Hey Kyle! You guys dont wear mask in Florida? Here in 🇨🇦 everywhere you go and breath you take, every move you make always somebody gonna be watching you lol.

  • acquacow


    Ай мурун

    Make sure you check those front camber bolts as well, one might have spun on that impact. You probably have some more adjustment available. Also double check which screw holes you're using in the camber plate. You could have them offset by a screw hole, which would make it off side to side.

  • FlyinRaptorJesus


    Ай мурун

    Why not a wheely bar?

  • SwashedFPV


    Ай мурун

    Suzie Q

  • mandoempire1221


    Ай мурун

    U ever think about doing a build giveaway build a nice Honda and give it away

  • Speedkills119


    Ай мурун

    You know you’re gonna keep sending it....How about a tower to tower strut brace? Make one with a turnbuckle style adjuster in the middle might help push them back out as well.

  • César B

    César B

    Ай мурун

    I like Suki better :)
    Great content as always, keep up the good work!

  • Nathan Picone

    Nathan Picone

    Ай мурун

    like to see the hatch

  • Alex Goodchild

    Alex Goodchild

    Ай мурун

    Call it “jellybean”

  • Daniel Upchurch

    Daniel Upchurch

    Ай мурун

    Tube the front end from the strut towers forward. It will dramatically strengthen the front end as well as give u more adjustments and places to mount weight and get rid of the wheelie issue.

  • tony brinson

    tony brinson

    Ай мурун

    Harbor freight porta power and push the strut towers back out . Then build a brace

  • Turbo Addict

    Turbo Addict

    Ай мурун

    Dude I would love a video on how you actually LEARNT on how to work on cars.. I'm 17 and I really wanna work on cars for a future job but like I don't know nothing about mechanics 😂

  • fatman fast

    fatman fast

    Ай мурун

    "its a new mustang" (shows trash can...) i feel attacked lol

  • 802 Garage

    802 Garage

    Ай мурун

    Time to get out the ol' bottle jack and an extension rod to toss between those towers and crank 'em back out!

  • Minuteman Productions

    Minuteman Productions

    Ай мурун

    I vote for Suki cause of fast and furious lol

  • Tionee 15

    Tionee 15

    Ай мурун

    Seriously time for a wheelie bar

  • Bader Al-Failechawi

    Bader Al-Failechawi

    Ай мурун

    Suzi! I love Suzi!

  • beavcoon


    Ай мурун

    I got a new trash can once and filled it with water for a Florida Man mini pool

  • chloe rose gaming

    chloe rose gaming

    Ай мурун

    Look like the mr2 need a front tube frame now

  • kev v

    kev v

    Ай мурун

    Lil Suzy - 90s r&b artist

  • Blah Blah

    Blah Blah

    Ай мурун

    I have been a huge supporter of your channel but until today I will be unsubscribing do to the fact that you and your buddies out in Florida have taken no precautions to COVID-19. I just lost two really close family members to covid and I take it very personal how irresponsible you guys are. Such a shame kid. Quite frankly you guys are the problem why covid has been and has stayed for this long. You guys act as if wearing a mask is such a hard thing to do.

  • Jon_Darez !

    Jon_Darez !

    Ай мурун

    Major suspension upgrade and aerodynamics 👍🏼

  • Jacob Riggs

    Jacob Riggs

    Ай мурун

    Why not put a wheelie bar on it ?

  • TwentySixHundred


    Ай мурун

    Well in all honesty this is what wheelie bars are for. Fuck pulling timing when you can use some bars and full send it

  • Joshua Cantu

    Joshua Cantu

    Ай мурун

    What about the height sensor? And please tell us if your gunna do wheelie bars

  • Chandler Cummings

    Chandler Cummings

    Ай мурун

    Time for vtuned to work his magic!

  • Ryan Wells

    Ryan Wells

    Ай мурун

    Need to push that drift car out to the field and pull that Duramax drag truck in and get it done

  • Josh Harvester

    Josh Harvester

    Ай мурун

    my girls suzuki is named suzy so do it !!!! also i had 2 trackers and thy un killable and amazing fun

  • BIGWayne2234


    Ай мурун

    Id say suki sounds better for my vote

  • SokóŁ


    Ай мурун

    Ceramic coat the can

  • Nathan


    Ай мурун

    I know it was already said, but I think it'd be best if you guys just went with a tubular front end. Overall it be lighter and much stronger, but you'd be able to add way more weight where you need it on the nose of the car.

  • 4MrDelo


    Ай мурун

    Wheelie bar next???

  • Scoobs


    Ай мурун

    Who remember when it just used to be him and Charlie with the hatches good ole days

  • Dukesofhazzard


    Ай мурун

    Karen for sidekick name

  • James Cook Jr.

    James Cook Jr.

    Ай мурун

    Kyle Pull why don’t you pull one of your lower arms of the red or MR two and see if you can see any part of the white mr twos arms of being bent 🤔👍😊

  • muckymandem


    Ай мурун

    Tha trash can made my day 🤣

  • Jake Matthews

    Jake Matthews

    Ай мурун

    Sexy the Sidekick...

  • James Cook Jr.

    James Cook Jr.

    Ай мурун

    Kyle you should take it to a frame shop and pull the strut towers back to spec and then weld a tube from your strut upper part of Tower to your role Cage makes us different and stronger 🤔👍😊

  • Adrian Hernandez

    Adrian Hernandez

    Ай мурун

    If you unbolt the 2 19mm holding the knuckles from shock you can get some camber adjust there as well

  • Zach Zmithrovitch

    Zach Zmithrovitch

    Ай мурун

    REM polish that final drive gear! then have all the gears cryo'd

  • calsonic86


    Ай мурун

    You have to save Suki for when you get a 2000.

  • KimberKlr


    Ай мурун


  • FooTrol


    Ай мурун

    put the fkn height sensor in and be done with the fkn issue dude

  • Officer no fish

    Officer no fish

    Ай мурун

    Suki is also a character from avatar the last air bender, she does some cool fan Kung fu.

  • Benjamin Bolling

    Benjamin Bolling

    Ай мурун

    Is there a reason for not running a wheelie bar ?

  • Michael Rivera

    Michael Rivera

    Ай мурун

    Tube frame the whole front end. Get rid of all that crap plus weight

  • David Hagenbuch jr

    David Hagenbuch jr

    Ай мурун

    Zuki instead of suki

  • Nicholas Baldrick

    Nicholas Baldrick

    Ай мурун

    Dude said it's a brand new 2021 😂😂😂😂😂